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About The Colfax Police Department
The Village of Colfax was established in 1881, in Illinois. The Colfax Police Department serves the citizens of Colfax with community pride. Michael Scott serves as Chief of Police and is aided by seven sworn officers.
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Keeping our School Safe

The Village of Colfax Police Department provides police protection for the Ridgeview School District #19. It is our mission to keep Ridgeview safe for the students, faculty and families. If you have information that may help us achieve our goal please click here and you will be sent to our anonymous reporting. We need your information not your name. Let's keep Ridgeview Safe!

Mission Statment

The Colfax Police Department will serve the citizenry utilizing a commitment to excellence and understanding. Officers are encouraged to find real solutions to real problems by listening and caring. The law will be enforced without bias or prejudice and our commitment to honesty and integrity will not be compromised.

Commitment to excellence- represents our commitment to the best training and equipment possible.

Understanding - represents a belief that the police department must represent the personality of the community and community leaders that it serves with appreciation for its concerns and tolerances.

Real solutions to real problems - represents problem solving policing, caring enough to get to know the people and identify the real problem so that real solutions can be developed. Quotas and production standards accomplish nothing.

Goals And Objectives

To enforce the law using the principles of our mission statement in an on going effort to maintain a safe and secure environment for the citizens of the Village of Colfax.

 Colfax Police Department News (More...)
A reminder on how to receive free messages from the Village! - 12/28/2017 04:35 pm
     The Village of Colfax uses a free public service called NIXLE to send public information messages such as water main breaks, boil orders, scam alerts and crime alerts etc., this service requires you to sign up for the service by going to xxx.nixle.com and following a few simple directions. If you wish to receive this service and cannot manage the sign up process please contact our Police Chief at 723-6241 and he will be glad to assist.
New Ordinance - 12/28/2017 04:29 pm
     A new ordinance prohibiting the stockpiling, collecting or storing private property on the Village Right of Way as well as prohibiting repair work and mechanical work on public property has been enacted and is currently being enforced. For the details see "Law of the Month"
PUBLIC NOTICE - 07/22/2013 03:10 pm
The Village of Colfax Mayor and Board of Trustees would like to take the opportunity to communicate with our citizens over 65 and/or those whose medical condition cause it to be necessary to use a wheelchair, motorized wheelchair or scooter within the Village of Colfax.
Your SAFETY is our concern.  The Village asks each of you to avoid Village Streets and use sidewalks wherever possible.  Visibility is a concern and the Village has purchased high visibility flags for each of you which may be obtained by contacting Police Chief Michael Scott or Village Clerk Nancy Kiper.  These flags extend 6' into the air with a high visibility orange flag on top which should increase your visibility and make your Village travels safer.
Working for a safer Community
Village Mayor and Board of Trustees
Dumping in Storm Drains Prohibited - 07/03/2012 05:41 pm
In response to an EPA complaint the Village of Colfax  would like to remind everyone that it is illegal to dump contaminants into the Village Storm Drain system.  See Village Ordinance 2008-3. 
Golf Carts and Recreational Off-highway Vehicles - 11/21/2011 08:00 pm
The Village of Colfax will be allowing the operation of Golf Carts and Recreational Off-highway Vehicles (ROV) upon the streets of Colfax in 2012.  Please refer to the ordinance for details which is listed in the "Law of the Month" section of this website. 
Operators over the age of 21 with a valid drivers license will be allowed to have their golf cart or ROV inspected and apply for an operators permit.  For equipment standards and permit fees refer to the ordinance or contact Chief Scott at the Colfax Police Department.