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Water Main Break in Colfax! - 07/25/2016 06:53 pm
     The Village of Colfax has experienced a water main break near Main & Center Streets in Colfax. The Village water supply has been shut down. When repairs have been completed and service returns the Village will be under a boil order until further notice.
PUBLIC NOTICE - 07/22/2013 03:10 pm
The Village of Colfax Mayor and Board of Trustees would like to take the opportunity to communicate with our citizens over 65 and/or those whose medical condition cause it to be necessary to use a wheelchair, motorized wheelchair or scooter within the Village of Colfax.
Your SAFETY is our concern.  The Village asks each of you to avoid Village Streets and use sidewalks wherever possible.  Visibility is a concern and the Village has purchased high visibility flags for each of you which may be obtained by contacting Police Chief Michael Scott or Village Clerk Nancy Kiper.  These flags extend 6' into the air with a high visibility orange flag on top which should increase your visibility and make your Village travels safer.
Working for a safer Community
Village Mayor and Board of Trustees
Dumping in Storm Drains Prohibited - 07/03/2012 05:41 pm
In response to an EPA complaint the Village of Colfax  would like to remind everyone that it is illegal to dump contaminants into the Village Storm Drain system.  See Village Ordinance 2008-3. 
Golf Carts and Recreational Off-highway Vehicles - 11/21/2011 08:00 pm
The Village of Colfax will be allowing the operation of Golf Carts and Recreational Off-highway Vehicles (ROV) upon the streets of Colfax in 2012.  Please refer to the ordinance for details which is listed in the "Law of the Month" section of this website. 
Operators over the age of 21 with a valid drivers license will be allowed to have their golf cart or ROV inspected and apply for an operators permit.  For equipment standards and permit fees refer to the ordinance or contact Chief Scott at the Colfax Police Department.
Internet Crime Complaint Center - 07/13/2011 04:32 pm
The Internet Crime Complaint Center or commonly know as IC3 is a partnership between the FBI, the National White Collar Crime Center and the Bureau of Justice Assistance.
The IC3's mission is to serve as a vehicle to receive, develop, and refer criminal complaints regarding the rapidly expanding arena of cyber crime.  The IC3 gives the victims of cyber crime a convenient and easy-to-use reporting mechanism that alerts authorities of suspected criminal or civil violations.
If you have been a victim of a cyber or internet crime or if you are searching for tips on how to avoid becoming a victim this site is a very informative and easy to use resourse as well as a reporting vehicle.  The internet has brought the world to Colfax, however the world's criminals have come along with it.  Many of these internet crimes or scams are being perpetrated by criminals from far away jurisdictions and are often international in scope.  The citizen's of Colfax will never be able to support investigations of this magnitude by the Colfax Police Department however by reporting to the IC3 the complaints are tracked and compiled and referred to a federal agency who is able to investigate such crimes.
Please visit the website of the Internet Crime Complaint Center at www.ic3.gov which is also listed in the links portion of this website.
Warning: Phishing scam using local number on caller ID - 03/17/2011 07:35 pm
A resident reports receiving a call and the caller ID displayed a local number.  Upon answering the call a recorded message asked the resident about personal information.  This is believed to be a phishing scam whereby the offender will electronically manipulate the caller ID to display a local number in order to attract favorable attention to the call.  The number will likely be out of service.  The recorded message will ask automated questions about your account information, ssn etc. and ask you to respond to the questions by using the number buttons on your phone.   No legitimate financial organization will call you and ask for your personal information over the phone!  If you receive one of these calls, hang up and contact the police.
Colfax Police Go High Tech to Search for Missing Children - 09/15/2010 06:43 pm
Colfax Police Chief Michael Scott has formalized an agreement with the "A Child Is Missing Alert Program"(ACIM) that has led to a high tech method now in place to search locally for missing children, missing elderly persons and missing persons who may be mentally or physically challenged or disabled.
Effective August 27, 2010, upon receipt of missing person calls, the Colfax Police Department will make it's first phone call to a toll-free number that rings in Ft. Lauderdale Fla., the National Headquarters of the "A Child Is Missing Alert Program".  The call, answered 24/7/365 by an Information and Mapping Technician, iniitates a rapid process of information gathering and use of sophisticated mapping systems.  ACIM then launches potentially thousands of calls within minutes with an alert message detailing the missing person's description, last known whereabouts, and pertinant information.  This alert message will also include a Colfax Police Department phone number for use by anyone with information relating to the missing person.
This service is a free service to law enforcement.  Colfax Police officials will evaluate each potential activation of the ACIM Alert Program to ensure the application is appropriate to the case and to ensure the system is optimally used.  Policies, procedures, and employee training will also guide the most efficient and effective use of the Alert Program.
Phone numbers that are called by this program include listed numbers and mobile available to ACIM in the selected area.  Mobile numbers, unlisted numbers, broadband/voice over IP numbers, ot TDD/TTY devices can be added to ensure they, too, are called in the event of an alert.  To enter your number or device visit www.achildismissing.org and click on "add your name" to enter your name number and address.  This information will ONLY be used for alerts.
A Child Is Missing is a nationwide non-profit organization that helps law enforcement agencies locate missing children, missing elderly, missing college students and missing handicapped persons.  ACIM utilizes  sophisticated computer mapping systems and trained technicians with the capacity to place 1,000 alert phone calls in one minute to residents and businesses in the area where someone has gone missing.
WARNING: PHISHING SCAM - 06/16/2010 09:00 pm
Residents have reported receiving calls from people claiming to be their credit card company.  They have asked for their card number followed by their expiration date and then their PIN in order to re-activate their card.  This is an attempt by criminals to scam you out of your account information so they can steal from you.  No financial institute will ever call you and ask for personal information about your account over the phone.  If you have released your information over the phone to anyone you are not familiar with contact your bank immediatley.
CAUTION - 04/23/2010 03:58 pm
A company that now calls itself, Just Energy, has been making door to door sales calls in our area.  They are a legitimate company however, be cautious as they have recently been investigated by the Illinois Attorney Generals Office for consumer fraud under their former name of US Energy Company.
National Do Not Call Registry - 01/11/2010 03:42 pm
The number for the National Do Not Call Registry is 1-888-382-1222.  A quick and easy call from the phone number you wish to register will give you protection against telemarketing calls.
Cell phone ban in school and work zones begins Jan. 1 - 12/22/2009 03:52 pm
The new law restricting cell phone use by drivers will take effect on January 1, 2010.  For details of this new law see "Law of the Month" on this website.
Receive Community Messages "FREE" - 08/19/2009 07:39 pm
The Village of Colfax has joined the NIXLE communication system which we will be using to send messages to our citizens about community information, alerts about crime, weather or other emergencies as well as any information pertaining to the Citizens of Colfax.  To receive these messages you can go to www.nixle.com and register by clicking on the button that states "Register now! its free and easy".  You will  be able to receive the messages by text, email or web immediately.  This service is provided to the Village of Colfax by NIXLE free of charge.  For assistance in registering contact Police Chief Mike Scott or Village Clerk Nancy Kiper.
EARLY NOTIFICATION PROGRAM - 03/03/2009 11:15 pm

The Early Notification Program is a voluntary notification system designed to aid in the interaction between citizens with special needs and responding law enforcement officers.

Program Overview

The members of the McLean County Law Enforcement community are committed to developing strategies and procedures to enhance their interaction with special needs residents.  The procedures outlined in this program are specifically designed to provide responding law enforcement officers with information which may assist them in their investigations and response to your calls for service.

How Do Responding Officers Get My Information?

By registering, you allow the specific information you provide to be entered and maintained in a county-wide database system.  If you should call for police services, the information you provided will appear and be passed on to the responding officers through the dispatch center.

Who Should Register?

Any resident of McLean County with a special need may register with their police agency.  The following list includes some examples of the conditions that may be included in the program.






Anyone wishing to register may contact their local law enforcement agency and complete, or mail in , a completed form.  The person being registered must be receiving treatment or have a history of treatment, for a condition that qualifies for the program.  Persons wishing to be registered but are unable to do so based on their condition, may be registered by a legal guardian.


FRAUD / SCAM ALERT - 08/15/2008 06:31 pm
Sweepstakes Winner & Lottery winner Scams  We have had a couple more of these scams show up in mailboxes of our citizens.  The letter usually advises that you have won the sweepstakes or a random lottery and ask you to call a phone number.  The person who answers the phone will try to convince you to cash the included check and send them the money so they can process your winnings.  The check will bounce and you will never hear from them again and you will be left owing your bank for the bad check.  Please, if you receive a similar suspicious letter, bring it to the Colfax Police Department.
Police Department Uniform Patch Collectors - 06/10/2008 06:57 pm
To all police patch collectors.  We are collecting police patches also and would be willing to trade patches with any legitimate police officer or agency.  Send us one of your patches with information about your agency and we will return mail one of our patches.
SMOKE FREE ILLINOIS - 12/20/2007 08:14 pm
Public Act 095-0017 Smoke Free Illinois Act
To access the Smoke Free Illinois Act in it's entirety go to www.smoke-free.illinois.gov 
A summary of the act has been posted on the "Law of the Month" section of this website.
How will the act be enforced?
The Colfax Police Department anticipates the cooperation of it's citizen's and business owners during this adjustment period to this new law.  We expect each of our business owners to police their own establishments however, in the case of uncooperative person(s) the police department will respond.  Officers will attempt to obtain compliance in all cases however, if compliance cannot be obtained a complaint may be filed in the form of a report to the McLean County States Attorney's Office where it will be screened and prosecution will be determined.
An alternative to the aforementioned process is to file a complaint with the Department of Health.  www.smoke-free.illinois.gov  offers an on-line provision for filing complaints with the Department of Health.
I realize we will never gain a consensus of opinion on the value of this new law however, it is the law!
Parking Enforcement Program - 07/09/2007 06:50 pm
In response to complaints, the Colfax Police Department will begin a parking enforcement program designed to obtain complaince of the state and local parking laws and ordinances.
The program will begin with officers placing informational warnings on vehicles that are in violation of the parking laws as listed below.
State Laws prohibit (Enforced through village ordinance 41.01)
Double parking on roadway
Parking on a sidewalk
Parking within an intersection
Parking on or within 20' of a crosswalk
Parking on a railroad track
Parking where prohibited by sign
Parking on public property without valid registration
Blocking a driveway
Within 15' of a fire hydrant
Within 30' of a traffic control device
Against the flow of traffic
Over 12" from the curb
Village Ordinance (Chapter 41)
No parking on street displayed for sale
Angle parking only on Center & Main Streets where designated
Parking on private property without owner consent
Blocking an alley
The next phase of the enforcement program involves officers issuing parking citations to violators of these parking laws.  The newly adopted village ordinance sets fines for parking violations at $5 for the first violation, $10 for the second, $25 for the third and $50 for the fourth and each subsequent violation within a one year period following the date of the first violation.  The Village Clerk will maintain a file of all parking citations and determine the appropriate fine.  Fines are payable to the Village of Colfax at the Clerk's office. 
Why was my vehicle tagged? - 05/31/2007 03:52 pm
The Illinois vehicle code requires all vehicles parked on public property to be registered and up to date. ILCS 11-1304.5.
The Village of Colfax Ordinance requires all vehicles parked on public or private property, in the view of the general public, to be operable and moved every 7 days. Village ordinance 12.08.
The Village of Colfax Ordinance allows for one unregistered vehicle on residential property and two unregistered vehicles on business property. Village Ordinance 12.085.
WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? If your vehicle was tagged with a Colfax Police orange tag, you were found to be in violation of one or more of the above laws. You have seven (7) days to bring your vehicle into compliance or it will be towed at the owners expense Village Ordinance 12.08(c), 12.087(c).